Build like a pro with No Cutting and No Welding!

Now you can easily secure and provide privacy to keep you, your family, and your property safe, all at an affordable price! Create a wall or fence on your terms. Do it all at once or as time and finances allow.

With our patent pending Bracket and Channel system, you can create a Custom and Unique Wall or Fence in minutes with No Cutting and No Welding! Install it yourself or have it professionally installed.

The universal channel system allows you to swap out the fill material with ease any time you want to change the look.

Now you have an alternative to a block wall, all at a fraction of the cost.

Our product is sold in 10 ft sections. Connect as many sections together to create the length you want.

Wall vs Fence
A WALL has a solid foundation along its whole length and a FENCE has contact points at intervals. You can ground set our product to create a wall or raise it up off the ground to create a fence.

Heavy duty
Frame: Constructed from 2″x2″ 13 gauge steel, making it both visually appealing and heavy duty.

Each section includes: post, frame, channel system and Fill Material.

Heights: 5.5′, 4′ and 3′ (we can also make custom sizes)
Styles: Standard, Double Top Rail, Split and Triple Split. You choose to either ground set it or raise it.
Fill materials: Metal, Del-mar panels and Wood. Or you can fill it yourself with any material you want. The possibilities are endless!

Our pre-cut Walls and Fences come ready for installation.

Financing Available

Check out our NEW Custom Gate Bracket with Gusset

What you need to know to get started –

  1. Select your Wall/Fence Height

Remember: You can either ground set it to make it a wall or raise it to make it a fence.

2. Select your Style

3. Select your fill material.

However you can always fill it with the material of your choice. (Our universal channel will take fill material up to 2″ thick)

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